Goddess Pose with Karma Athletics Yoga Wear: I am strong. I am powerful.

Utkata Konasana, more commonly known as Goddess Pose or Fiery Angle Pose has many benefits:

  1. Stretches your hips, groins and chest
  2. Strengthens and tones the core muscles
  3. Strengthens the quadriceps and inner thigh muscles
  4. Strengthens the shoulders, arms and upper back
  5. Heats the body and increases circulation
  6. Prepares the body for childbirth by creating more room in the pelvis

Goddess Pose, represents the feminine force that created the universe.  Goddess Pose, in combination with breathing is a powerful way to revitalize and renew the body, mind, and spirit. When the body is clear and open, vital energy can freely move down through the pelvis and legs and into the earth for grounding. However, fear and anxiety can cause this energy to become blocked. Goddess pose with deep yoga breathing opens up the hips and chest so that power, strength, and energy can circulate freely.



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