• Karma Athletics Dark Monarch Collection Black Beatrix Tank and Grey Yama Tight Outdoor Activewear
  • Yoga Pose on Mat with Helena Bra and Golda Tight Black Outfit by Karma Athletics
  • Exercise with Evelyn Bra and Adeline Tight in Black White Smoke by Karma Athletics
  • Pulling workout with Grey Theodora Tank and Black Yama Tight by Karma Athletics
  • Kicking with Grey Evelyn Sports Bra and Fitted Erica Short in Black by Karma Athletics
  • Front Back View of Beatrix Tank and Illusion Printed Kata Crop Outfit by Karma Athletics
  • Front Back View of Evelyn Sports Bra and Adeline Tight Outfit by Karma Athletics
  • Front Back View of Helena Designer Bra and Fitted Erica Short by Karma Athletics
  • Front Back View of Grey Theodora Tank and Erica Short Exercise Outfit by Karma Athletics
  • Front Back View Kay Pullover Sweater and Yoga Stretch Yama Tight Outfit by Karma Athletics

As we transition from summer into winter and notice the sun setting earlier, leaves changing colours, and temperatures cooling considerably, we begin to change our wardrobe to fit the upcoming Autumn season.

Locally based Vancouver design team, and Canadian-made, Karma Athletics, has prepared us perfectly for the fall with their Dark Monarch collection. Amazing fit, fashionable, highest quality, and care for the community, all while reducing the environmental global footprint by keeping production local, generates great Karma for us all!

The Dark Monarch collection draws inspiration from great female monarchs in world history. Women known for being wise, diplomatic, honourable, regal, influential, progressive, noble, and intelligent in their reign.

The colors in this collection, such as black and white, are timeless and practical. However, the colors represent so much more. For example: black is stylish and powerful; white is light, neutral, easy to match, and represents innocence and purity; greys are neutrally balanced and represents sophistication; and purples are romantic, while also associated with royalty and luxury. In addition to classic solid options, a melting pot of all the aforementioned colors is found in the trendy and fun “illusion” print. The print is an option in both bra tops and tights.

The Adeline tights incorporates a combination of the illusion print with solid black for a bold, dimensional, and slimming image.

Another emerging trend is the creation of geometric shapes with the use of cut-outs and straps. These simple tricks help the most basic garment transition easily from daytime to evening wear.

A perfect example of this is the Beatrix Tank that has tasteful cut-outs creating double straps in the shape of a quadrilateral on the front shoulders, as well as a triangular cut-out mid back. The fabric is light and flowy, with upper back meshing, making it a practical workout top. Furthermore, the slim fit and stylish cut is brilliant for a night out on the town.

Beatrix Tank in Black by Karma Athletics

The pieces are designed to be layered: bra tops, tank tops, tee’s, cover ups, pullovers, and jackets. Layering is your opportunity to make this collection your own. Combine flattering fitted pieces with timeless flowing items. Wear something you feel comfortable and fabulous in, because how you feel will impact how you perform. To quote tennis professional Maria Sharapova:

“When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you are wearing is very important. When you have confidence in your appearance, you will always perform your best.”


Quotes from Karma Ambassadors of Dark Monarch:

"The Dark Monarch Collection is both inspired and aspirational, the cuts, the fabric, the lines, the contours, they say clothing for movement, but I believe wearing "karma." is about empowerment and a reminder about my actions in creating good karma".

"Karma has created a visionary line of clothing for the active and empowered women of the world.  This collection creates sexy silhouettes for every shape, the bold colours and soft feel make me feel gorgeous no matter how sweaty I get."


 A note from the editor:

"This fall, while drinking your warm apple cider, after an inspirational workout in Karma Athletics, remember your thoughts and actions create your future, we hope this collection empowers you to achieve your highest dreams,... your highness." - Karma Team


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