Get organized to lose weight and feel great! Featuring Karma Smoke Printed Kalani Bra & Adeline Tight

I recently read an article about Khloe Kardashian and her newly acclaimed fitness closet, she had built in her L.A. home.  Which I saw a picture of, basically the perfect space to feel energized and organized to get to the gym in style!  I then noticed the time it takes me to dig out my picks, my neatly folded hidden fitness attire tucked in my bottom two drawers.  "Hmmm... This will not do at all" I thought to myself, "Would displaying and purchasing items I loved to sweat in, assist me in becoming more dedicated to my yoga and workout regime on a daily basis????" 

In hopes of achieving a toned physique and a fitness routine that would stick, Khloe Kardashian dedicated a space to organizing her fitness gear and treating it with the same respect as her evening gowns and heels.  

"Khloe and I share the goal of a perfect body and while I know treating my body as a temple, will get me there, how about the clothing that I need to take me there?" 

The result I witness in Khloe online and in the magazines is amazing, Khloe has certainly gained a desirable fit body and looks amazing in every workout, at least the snaps I have seen in my research.  What do I have to lose?  Nothing.  I give it a shot, I mean I have tried everything else, maybe this one last piece of the puzzle is missing, treating my workout wear as I do my designer gowns! 

So, I decided its important, after all I know I feel amazing when I step out in my gown and heels that I have displayed in my closet so pristinely, so I immediately decide to treat my workout wear, with the same respect and see if it changes the way I feel about myself when I workout.

Time, to purchase workout wear that I love, no old t-shirts and joggers will do.  The colours, the cut, the fit is as important as the outfit I choose for my first date or job interview or for my acceptance speech of my highest honour award.  After all, why would I stuff my gym clothing in the bottom drawer?  My body, my workouts determine how I look and feel everyday of my life! 

To start, I got rid of all the old workout clothing, the stuff that doesn't fit well, is faded, is pilled, worn, saggy, whatever, the clothing that makes me feel blah!  I have been working out for years and I never really truly thought doing yoga in my living room required a special wardrobe.  However, it does, so I have committed to only keeping what makes me feel amazing.  In the end, I wasn't left with enough outfits to meet my personal needs, so I went online and started shopping, obviously only on, after I spend some time picking out just the right selections, to make the perfect week of workouts in style I click to checkout.  

When my package arrives, I adorn them pristinely, each on their own hanger, with coordinating accessories and make my weekly wardrobe plan, a fresh gym bag holds everything I need to make my workout a stylish one, I pack them neatly each evening before heading out the next morning.   Before long, I am enjoying the glances and stares, the questions about where I shop, how I do my hair and the extra confidence is energizing my workouts!  Khloe is a genius!  This totally works!  

Three weeks later, I look better, I feel better and am taking this same get organized and feel amazing approach to my life, my car, my desk, and you know what?  "It works!"


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