#KarmaActivist Chloe Elgar of Chloe's Countertop recently released the physical copy of her book, "Living in Light". Living in Light is a story fuelled by the belly, told from the heart. An emotional journey of a struggle with eating disorders and anxiety while learning to embrace the truth. With 50 holistic recipes, it reads like a novel, functions like a cookbook — an essential read for anyone learning to build a healthy relationship with food, nutritionists and holistic soul-searchers.

Living in Light with Chloe Elgar

Tell us, what/who inspired you?!

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve been a writer since I was a little girl. I would spend hours and hours writing in journals. I would write all of my thoughts out in a very open and authentic manner- especially for a child. Writing was my way of supporting myself, releasing pain and feeling safe. I even recently found journals from 1st grade- where I had written an incredible prompt about politics, world peace and poverty.

I have dreamt of finally writing and publishing a book, forever. It was just last year, in July, that I spent 2 weeks with a group under the teachings of Cheryl Strayed- to find my way to my book. To find my voice. I grew up with eating disorders and depression and for a long time, my voiced was silenced through anxieties. I was living behind a veil of fear: a fear of disappointment, unworthiness and no love. It was through writing and expression that I was able to release the limited stories and gradually discover the light within.

Over the past 5 years I have been exposed to witnessing people follow their dreams and go for it. Whenever a fellow wellness warrior would publish a book I would feel excitement for them and notice a deep calling for my own book. For my words, teachings and intentions to be packaged into a piece of art that could be shared globally. So that I could add my own wisdom into the creative river of the human existence and in turn, help another in their life story.

Specifically, people like Cheryl Strayed, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Gabrielle Bernstein, Kathryn Budig, Marie Carr, and more have really inspired me on my journey to creating this book.

Who would benefit most from reading this book?

Living in Light is an essential read for anyone who is learning to build a healthy relationship with food, nutritionists and holistic soul-searchers. I created this book with the clear intention that it is for everyone. Not just nutritionists and not just foodies. It’s all about moving away from the concept of fighting your body and living in resistance, and moving towards a life of harmony and balance with your body and the world it lives in.

Living in Light with Chloe Elgar

What do you hope to bring to the people who read your book?

My intention is for this book to serve as a best friend. A piece that you can pick up, turn to a page, read it, and feel loved. It is to offer you the light that has served me in my life and brought me to where I am, today. A lot of the work that I do is along the theme of psychology of eating and understanding our relationships with food and ourselves. Food is a tool. It is a way for us to communicate and understand ourselves and the world around us in a tangible way. It is also a key to unlock something deeper and more profound. We all have a relationship with food. This book is here to offer you a way to understand your relationship with food so that you can too discover a love and light within.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I know that food is a gift of healing from the world. Unfortunately, we have strayed away from this offering and more often than not, food is used as a tool of distraction, harm and pain. In my work, I hope to bring insight to the belief systems we have created so that the stories can be released and your true gifts can be realised.

Living in Light with Chloe Elgar

What are Chloe Elgar’s plans for the next 12 months?

Since diving, head first, into my business full-time, my dreams and visions for the upcoming months has really evolved. When I first wrote this answer down, a dream was to host a retreat. Now, I am in the middle of filling a retreat that I will be hosting in Costa Rica in the end of February. My visions continue to grow and expand as time goes on, which is a big part of what happens when you have a personal brand- your brand grows with you.

I have a lot of hopes for this book. I hope that it makes it across the world and is read and held by thousands of people in many different spaces. Whether that means it remains self-published or it is picked up by a publisher- that still remains unknown.

I hope to have another book (book #2) written in a few years, which will be a heavier and more in-depth look into my story, my life and my work. A novel, if you will. I hope to continue to grow the Chloe’s Countertop brand, connect with more people in larger spaces around the world and have the opportunity to work with and speak to a larger group (and promote my podcast, Conscious Conversations).

I connect deeply with fellow influencers who tour the world, speaking to groups about the universal message. For me, it’s all about living in light by embracing shadow and choosing love over fear. So I hope to continue in this journey, travel the world and speak to many people and help them on their journey by sharing my story.

My retreat series, Living in Light, which has just launched (first retreat is happening in Costa Rica at the end of February) will be following a lot of themes and content of my book and leading others to find a life of purpose and learn to trust their inner guidance (www.chloescountertop.com/events/retreat/).

I feel like it’s time to really expand my wings and Living in Light couldn’t have come at a better time.

You can get the digital and paperback books through my website:

Check out Chloe’s podcast, Conscious Conversations at:

Chloe has a mentorship program called Living True where she does one on one coaching:



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