Confidence, belief, empowerment, inspiration, and being active - These are words that #KarmaActivist Paola Marquez, a certified personal trainer and fitness style blogger lives by. We met up with her to discuss her new workout program. She launched her “Get Your Strong and Sexy Body” program designed to help you develop a stronger and sexy body. Here is her story.


Paola Marquez

When did you decide to start being active?

Everything started when I arrived in the US. I used to go to the gym in my hometown, but it wasn’t until I came to Houston when I felt in love with the fitness world. Now it’s part of my life, and I love it!!!

Did you ever think that it could become your career?

Not at all!! In fact, it started as a hobby! But when I realized how I felt when helping others and how happy it made me, I knew that I had to switch roles and devote my life to this amazing career. Nothing makes me feel better than helping others achieve their goals and feel better about themselves.


Paola Marquez

When did you decide to start building the Strong & Sexy Body Method?

It was about a year ago. I was constantly receiving questions on the best way to exercise and achieve certain fitness goals. Those questions made me think that there was a gap that needed to be filled.

People needed a structured, dynamic, and effective workout plan that help them stay active and motivated at the same time. It was at that moment when I decided to start developing the “Strong & Sexy Body Method” (SSBM) workout plan.

What inspired you to compile these workouts and lifestyle tips?

What inspired me at that time and it still continues to inspire me today is the people and their desire to be better than they were yesterday. Seeing people taking care of their health and becoming stronger in the process is definitely a life-changing experience.


Paola Marquez

How long have you been working on this project for?

I’ve been working on this project for about a year. In fact, the “Strong & Sexy Body Method” is part of a bigger project that is about to be launched. So, the exciting news will continue!

What have you learned from creating these sets of workouts and working on this project?

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned was to believe in myself. This project has taught me that no matter how big your dreams may be, you will conquer them if you work hard and set your mind to achieve them.

It’s so important to stay true to yourself and do what you really love to do. Helping others is my passion and I’m now super happy that I listened to my heart and followed my dreams.

What do you hope your audience will gain from it?

Confidence! My main goal is to help people regain confidence and help them feel great in their own skin.
I want people to know that they have what they need to be happy and shine brightly. They only have to believe in themselves! So, my workout program will help them achieve that and much more.

Do you have plans to create more of these workout sets in the future?

I have lots of plans to be honest.
I’m currently working on the launch of my blog, where I’ll be sharing my favorite fitness tips and in-depth articles on nutrition, workouts, and sports fashion.

The blog's main goal would be to teach people on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle by giving them actionable tips that they can apply daily! I also want to let people share their stories and experiences through my blog so that they can help others in their fitness journey.

Paola Marquez

Which workout is your favorite?

The “Strong & Sexy Body Method” workout plan was built based on my favorite workouts and routines, but if I have to choose only one, it would be the workouts that focus on the lower part of the body.

If people cannot commit to doing the entire Strong & Sexy Body method, what would you recommend for them to do to still maintain an active and healthy lifestyle?

SSBM’s routines take less than 45 min to complete; therefore, I truly believe that people can follow the program without having to sacrifice too much of their time. However, if they cannot do it for some reason, I think the key to stay healthy is having mindful eating habits. That said, my workout program also includes a nutrition consultation focused on flexible dieting that will help people break free from binge eating once and for all.


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