Holiday survival of the fittest with Karma Athletics

This is the craziest time of the year for most of us; work is busy trying to wrap up the year in a tidy bow, family time is ramping up, shopping, cooking, baking, get-togethers, travel, and more. Luckily, Karma has created a Holiday Survival Guide for you with workout plans, balanced lifestyle tips and nutrition facts. We want your holidays to be active but relaxing, special and enjoyable. You deserve it!

You’re not alone. Not many people are at the healthy lifestyle balance they want to be, especially in the holiday season. A survey of 9,700 full-time workers found that one-third of employees report that managing their personal and professional lives has become more difficult in the past year of 2014-2015. The biggest obstacles faced when workers try to balance their personal and professional lives are getting enough sleep, handling more responsibility, “finding time for me”, “finding time for family and friends”, and additional hours worked. Karma Athletics wants to help you beat the overwhelming obstacles of the holiday season expectations, and kick away the overload stresses. Reflecting on what to change and what to cherish are great ways to begin the Karma movement together.

In our world of technology it’s hard to disconnect but it is a great starting goal to set. Disconnecting is a huge step in balancing life this holiday season. The average person spends 8-9 hours on electronic devices a day. This is often more hours then their average nights sleep. Simply set a goal to try it for a few hours each night to turn off the computer, put the phone down and give your brain a rest. While you are disconnected from this part of the world connect to interacting with your family and friends. Or connect to yourself and stretch in a favorite yoga pose releasing tension built up in your tight neck and shoulders.

It’s common for you to want to say “Yes”, but saying “No” does not make you a bad person. Throughout the holidays many favors will be asked and invites of activities to attend. A yes-aholic is so busy trying to be the person that people want, that you rarely ever see the person they actually are. They will have everyone convinced they can do everything they say yes to, and when they fail to do this, others may feel betrayed or deceived. It would be impossible for a yes-aholic to have the well-balanced life style we are aiming for. Therefore say “No” to everything that is not essential or doesn’t add something valuable to your life. You’ll notice the difference!

Now you know how to disconnect and say “No” you can also try to avoid toxic people. Toxic people have poor attitudes and are the complainers and whiners that make your ears ring. It is much more beneficial to surround yourself with positive, supportive, and goal driven people (the type of person you are!). Minimize time with them and maximize time with those that matter at the holiday parties. Relationships do matter so try to set aside quality time with your family and friends. Instead of sitting in front of the television together watching a Christmas movie really try to connect. I.e.) have coffee with a friend, play a game with a child, go for a jog with your significant partner.

Spending time alone is also valuable. It is the hardest thing to do for an overworked and overwhelmed person. You can try to meditate, write, sketch, do yoga or simply sit quietly for a few minutes each day and do absolutely nothing. Treat yourself when you need a pick-me-up. It doesn’t have to be costly facial or back massages (although those are excellent choices too). Simple treats like a scented candle or beautiful flowers make a positive impact too. "Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room," said Dr. Haviland-Jones, professor of psychology at Rutgers University and the director of its Human Emotions Lab. "They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere."

Lastly remember to have fun these holidays! Take a class and learn to try something new that you’ve always wanted to try. This will expand your awareness. Belly laughing. Lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels, improves cardiac health, boosts T cells, triggers the release of endorphins and best of all is a great abdominal workout.


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