Ethical Fashion Made in Canada: Franca Pullover & Taylor Crop by Karma Athletics

Considering I’m a firm believer in Karma, I am all about this new athletic wear line that is empowering strong, confident, passionate, and fearless young women to take on the world, achieve their goals and dreams and create their own successes while looking and feeling great. Karma Athletics believe in supporting one another, investing in our community and keeping local women employed. After watching The True Cost documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival (currently on Netflix by the way) I can see now more than ever local brands made in Canada are so important for consumers to support, especially when considering the livelihood and sustainability of our planet and our environment.

Designed in Vancouver and manufactured in Canada, with really cool prints, fabrics & styles to choose from, Karma Athletics is a line of women’s apparel for today’s active woman, to transition in and out of the studio with no need to change. It’s all about fashion and movement. This Franca Pullover is one of my favourites that is comfy and cozy with a high-low hemline and a peek-a-boo cut out back. This piece is so comfy I have been living in it when I’m not on camera. Perfect for throwing on before or after the studio and transitioning into an active fall season! What’s great about Karma is two-fold, every garment is thoughtfully designed for movement, constructed and contoured to highlight the feminine shape and enhance what makes women beautiful. Because they know if you feel beautiful on the outside you will perform better from the inside and naturally gain better results during your fitness routine. The second part to Karma is their true practice to creating a universe and a life you are proud of. You can literally feel good about what you are wearing. Karma’s belief to live well, you must help others, smile often, work hard, workout, stretch, meditate, be yourself and offer the world everything you have to achieve excellence. At the end of the day you can be proud of your accomplishments and how fabulous you looked achieving them, dreaming and striving to achieve bigger goals in the days ahead.

Karma was created to redefine what movement apparel is. They balance current trends, runway direction and movement through yoga and dance. The Karma team works closely with local factories to create beautifully constructed and eye-catching garments. Their team is committed to investing in our community and keeping local women employed. Heavily believing in the yoga teachings, the mentality of what you put out in to the world you get back in return is alive and well in this brand; creating a movement in the way that we approach the world of fashion and our social responsibility to our planet to go a step further and educate ourselves and ask the right questions when selecting our clothing. I encourage you to ask those hard questions and challenge the way that big fashion brands are running their businesses by researching where your clothing is coming from, what your garments are made of and knowing what exactly you're putting on your body as well as the ecological footprint those pieces are leaving behind. Because we know the skin is the largest organ of the body we should concern ourselves about how our clothes affect our health so that our efforts are not counterproductive.

The world of fashion needs to change and while a few companies that I love in Vancouver are doing their best to redefine what clothing apparel is, I’m not sure if that is enough to really affect change in our world. So I will leave you with this, that if we practice and share good karma and support locally made clothing, others will follow. Will you be the change?


Canadian media personality Natalie Langston is an award-winning journalist wearing many hats that include health and fitness reporter for Canada Wide Media at BC Living, entertainment and fashion contributor for Vancity Buzz, and host and producer for Novus TV. She combines her journalistic background and media expertise with her passion for Fitness-On-The-Run and holistic health to promote positive change within our fast-paced world. An Emcee with a love of giving back to her community, she is a volunteer and spokesperson for Dress for Success Vancouver, member of Ladies Who Lunch Global Network for female entrepreneurs and Style Ambassador for the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards.


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