Karma Athletics Motivational Monday: Just Be Your Own Idol - Sophia Amoruso

Motivational Monday. "Just be your own idol" - Sophia Amoruso

An idol is a person that is greatly respected, loved, or revered. You can be your own idol when you develop into a person you admire. The first step in admiring yourself is to find the reasons why you are proud of yourself.

 So the next time you are having a bad day, try to remember these reasons why you are your own idol and deserve to be very respectful of yourself.

  • You’ve overcome!

You have already survived everything life has thrown at you. There can be some very tough curveballs but you’ve nailed them. The overcoming has also helped you become stronger as the person you are today.

  • You’ve learned a lot.

You should be impressed with all the things you’ve learned in your lifetime. Learning has helped you grow wiser and be informative.

  • You’ve helped other people.

Karma! Good things happen to good people. You give back to others and show willingness to help. This proves you are a caring and mindful person who wants to see movement in the world for those in need.

  • You’ve stood out.

You have a unique set of skills and talents that stand out and others cannot compete with.

  • You’ve inspired others

You might not realize it but you have had a positive impact on others.

  • You have accomplishments that you’re proud of.

It’s always great to reflect back on what you’ve done and smile knowing how hard you worked to achieve past goals.

  • You’re not done!

You have a bucket list full of goals and objectives. Your life is still full of possibility and potential which you have to the drive towards and one day achieve.

Be proud and idolize what you’ve done. It is important to respect yourself as much as you respect others. Sometimes when unwanted thoughts are passing through the mind it is beneficial to ask yourself “would I say this to someone else?”

As your own idol you are your own hero with tons of power and control to push forward each day with, combined with the love for yourself to nourish each day with.


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