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  • Karma Athletics x Pranin Organic: A Holistic Nutritionist’s approach to Organic Supplements

    Through our Activist, Rebecca Johnston, I learned about Pranin Organic. Their founder, Dr. David Wang, Naturopathic Doctor created the company because he saw a gap in the supplements market. He found that traditional supplements were causing his patients to experience weird side effects. As a result, instead of producing synthetic,...

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  • Milk: Does it really do your body good?

    almond heart
    With more and more people straying from milk, it is not surprising to see franchises, like Starbucks, offering various non-dairy alternatives. Reasons for ditching this protein-packed fluid can range from an allergy, an intolerance, dietary lifestyle (e.g. vegan or ovo-vegetarian), concerns regarding the use of growth hormones, or trendiness like...

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  • Blend This, Not That!

    Blend This, Not That! Veggies
    Have you ever had a smoothie and found yourself rummaging through the fridge shortly after? You’re not alone. Some studies suggest that eating your calories rather than sipping on them can keep your hunger at bay. How? Solid foods spend more time in the oral processing phase (i.e. in your...

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  • Sugar Alternatives: how healthy are they?

    Types of sugar
    Sugar, ah honey honey. You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you! ♪♪ The Archies were on to something when they wrote that song. Not only do many people love sugar and honey, but they are often substituted for one another in cooking and baking. Why? They...

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  • Spring Cleaning 101: 10 Dietician approved foods that should be in your fridge

    Attics. Closets. Garages. What do these areas have in common? Dust, overcrowding, fire hazards and they are on most people’s spring cleaning hit lists. Although the fridge is not an area, this appliance is just as purge worthy. Why? Besides diabetes mellitus or heart disease waiting for you in a...

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