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  • 3 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    "Heart disease affects approximately 2.4 million Canadian adults, and is the second leading cause of death in Canada." - Government of CanadaI am not trying to scare you with this statistic.  Knowledge is power.  Fortunately, cardiovascular health is easily supported by lifestyle changes and changes in dietary habits.1. Prevention through...

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  • The August Diaries for Karma Athletics

    How she stays in shape with Karma Athletics Fashion Active Gear
    Working out used to be about looking good for me. And it still is to some extent, but it’s a lot more about how I feel when I do. Even if my weight stays the same, I feel better, stronger, sexier when I work out.However, I am not someone who...

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  • What Should You Wear to Run the NY Marathon? Experts Share Their Tips

    New York City Marathon Prepare for Running Tips
    Some might say the hardest part about the New York Marathon—besides, of course, canvassing 26.2 miles on foot through the city’s five boroughs—is figuring out how to dress. Temperature-wise, runners need something to guard against the pre-race, early November morning chill, but also something that will not be too hot...

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