Thoughtful Thursday: What was your last action for karma?

The word "KARMA" literally means to take action.  Action with intention.  However, in today's modern culture and through out the long rich history of the word and the philosophy there is much room for interpretation.

We believe in "KARMA" and in taking positive action towards achievement, goals and firmly stand our ground as a team that our actions will shape our universe and only through action positive change occur.

Top 10 Commandments to Follow each Day for KARMA

  1. Wake up each day with a smile, rise knowing today matters.
  2. You can make a difference and you will through action with intention.
  3. Set goals and follow through on your goals, as they say if you FAIL to PLAN you actually plan to fail.
  4. Never blame others, ever, no reason or excuse is plausible, only "you" can control your world and those who are in it and only "you" can make the changes you need for the results you want
  5. Speak brilliantly, honestly and directly in every conversation.
  6. Be Thoughtful in your words, in your actions, and in what you consume, everything matters and there is great power in knowing that, believe it.
  7. Treat others exactly how you wish to be treated and make absolutely no exceptions
  8. Take time out for yourself
  9. Exercise your mind and your body daily, make no exceptions to the commandment, you will think more clearly and have more time if you simply take time to do a half four of each of these each day.
  10. Know with no action and no true commitment great intention is just not good enough, make a positive change and believe you can make a difference and achieve greatness.

How do you take action for KARMA?  When did you last take action with intention?  Do you do it always?  When did you last forget? Most importantly how can you make a change that matters?


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