Get gorgeous to sweaty with Karma Athletics Fashion Active Wear

The fitness struggles that most of us encounter on a daily basis:

  1. I don’t have time to exercise before work unless I wake up at 5am.
  2. If I go to the gym straight after work, by the time I get ready for the second time in a day, its time for bed so that I can get my recommended 6-8 hours of sleep.
  3. Who goes to the gym at 10 pm at night? And if I do, how will I get back that recommend dosage of sleep that I just wrote about.

The struggle of working out after spending 45 minutes showering and getting ready for the day is real. However, exercise makes you naturally gorgeous?

Studies show that a consistent (as in more days a week then one) workout routine rewards our bodies in more ways than simply slimming down and building muscle. According to Audrey Kunin, a dermatologist and author of The DERMA Doctor Skinstruction Manual, sweating brings blood to skin’s surface, which gives it the nutrients that it needs to repair damaged skin. Not to mention that healthy glow that we all love.

Exercise also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, and the appearance of un-wellness that comes along with it. It helps us to form greater self-confidence, which also in turn makes us gorgeous. Studies show that when we radiate a ‘feel good,’ confident vibe (that we can get from regular exercise), we radiate beauty.

So remember that 6-8 hours asleep we mentioned? Exercise can help us achieve that. The national sleep study foundation stated that exercise is proven to increase your chances of having a good sleep. When we get enough sleep, we don’t get those pesky black circles and we radiate health. Exercise also improves lymphatic flow, which helps to eliminate toxins in our bodies as well as helps remove water retention, which in turn helps to reduce puffiness, especially under our eyes.

So although we are constantly faced with fitting a workout into our extremely rushed 16 hours of awake time a day, getting gorgeous just to get sweaty is worth it. As we mentioned in our past post, Get Fit: Organize Your Closet, investing in workout clothes that contribute to the glow we get from working out is definitely a reason to get sweaty. Feel gorgeous in Karma Athletics before, during and after your workout!


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