Karma Activists Program Welcome

Our Activist

We honor the individual wisdom and charisma in each of us.

We exist to empower those who are ready to improve their lives and the world. We have made it our mission to Providing Ideas To Improve Your Active Life™. We have selected thriving individuals who inspire us and we proudly call them our Karma Activists. Our Activist program supports amazing athletes and personalities across North America. We partner with inspiring individuals who are passionate about their sport and are actively engaged in their communities. We collaborate with our Activists to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and build the Karma movement.


The Activist program is an opportunity for people in North America to act as inspirational and influential role models between Karma Athletics and their beloved communities. Our Activists are true, inspiring, caring, responsible leaders in their communities. They are goal-oriented visionaries who are motivating and socially conscious. Our Activists motivate their communities to join us in making a positive impact around the world.


  1. They are involved in community events, fundraisers or meet and greets and share those experiences with the world
  2. They promote, reach out, teach, try new things, and guide individuals in their community
  3. Are social media influencers who thrive to engage their followers through creative content, timely updates, and genuine dialogue
  4. Have solid writing skills to write on relevant health and fitness topics
  5. Identify opportunities to work with other Activists to promote healthy and active living


  • Certified fitness professionals with professional fitness designation
  • Fitness and health studio owners and instructors
  • Healthy and active professionals exhibiting positive lifestyles
  • Inspirational leaders in their communities


For any questions, please contact: activist@karmaathletics.com


The Elite Activist program is a network of professional and elite athletes who share similar values with Karma Athletics and have the ambition to use their talents to make the world around them a better place. Elite athletes are respected individuals in the community and have deep connections and influence with the people around them.

For more information or to apply, please contact: activist@karmaathletics.com


The media and social media influencer program is a network of mass communication advocates who are passionate about Karma’s vision, values, and growth. For more information or to apply, please contact: media@karmaathletics.com