Kamra Commitments

Our commitments

We choose to be true, caring, inspiring, and responsible.

Since the beginning, Karma has been an innovator starting from its early designs. Over the years, we have emerged as an authentic athletic wear brand, and are well regarded in many markets internationally. It is our mission to be innovative and unique, to offer the world a new sense of style and to take pride in fitness. With action and follow through, anything is achievable. We believe that our apparel innovation and our commitments to social consciousness have led us to where we are today.

We Are Made In Canada

All of our garments are manufactured locally with high-standards of a safe and ethical workplace. We ensure that our factories are operating within safe labor practices and working conditions throughout Karma’s supply chain. We believe that our local manufacturing helps to not only support the local economy but also to sustain the know-how of garment manufacturing in North America.

We Are Fashion Active Wear

We focus on creating fashion-driven athletic apparel that we believe the world wants. Our designers combine fashion forward trends with the latest fabrication technology to offer you the ultimate gear for your active life. We believe that being active is not just about hitting the gym. It’s a lifestyle choice.

We Support Our Communities

With action and follow through, anything is achievable. We are inspired by courage and the need to improve, grow and evolve. We seek to inspire our local communities to join us in making a positive impact around the world. Our action in good karma starts with our commitment to local manufacturing, to supporting health and fitness activities through our locations, all the way to active engagement to build the Karma movement.